Portrait Tristan Janmart

In case you have never heard of this local kid who is very angry and never short of outdoor projects... and cigarettes, here we give you two testimonials to better understand this young man of 25 years old from Ciboure.

Tristan likes running, preferably in the mountains (aka Traiiyyye) even if he can do a little sub 3 hours at any time over the marathon distance (2h43  at the last Donostia marathon)

Tristan also likes cycling (without electric assistance), again preferably on the trails but he is also comfortable on the road.

To his credit two Desertus Bikus and two TPR including the last “in pirate mode”  with his twin brother Clément.  Arriving in Saint Jean under the smoke bombs and the cheers of all the friends who came to congratulate them, they completed the TPR03 as a duo (even).  (Transpyrénée Race 2023) finishing in 7 days and wheelbarrows... just in time to enter the official ranking and become the winning pair (unique finishers  ) of this 2023 edition.

Tristan does things his way, that is to say with naturalness and relaxation... and a cigarette in his mouth! That's why we love him and why we're proud to have him in the tribe of Wigwam ambassadors.






Tristan's 2023 results:

Barcelona Half Marathon: 1h14

Euskal Trail 65km: 13th

Désertus Bikus: 27th

St Jean Holiday Race: 3rd

Urrugne holiday race: 1st

Saint Palais holiday race: 1st

TPR03: 1st in pair

Donostia Marathon: 2h43

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