Meeting with our Wigwam Store / Katin ambassador, Julien "Binch" Binet.

the creator

Entrepreneur, surfer, photographer; Julien Binet is a multifaceted man. Little visit to our ambassador in his artisanal brewery Turbulente in Lahonce, a small quiet village in the Basque country bordered by the Adour.

February ... After a brief rainy episode, the rays of a winter sun return to radiate the brand new vats of the Turbulente brewery, freshly installed by Alice and Julien, both partners. The beginning of their collaboration dates back to this trip to Sri Lanka, a few years ago, during which the two friends discovered together this strange drink made from fermented tea: kombucha. Fallen under the spell, they decided, in 2021, to create Turbulente, in order to produce their own brand of kombucha themselves. With his experience at Egategia (wine produced in the bay of Saint Jean de Luz thanks to sub-aquatic fermentation) where Julien previously worked, they were able to quickly launch their first productions and start delivering to individuals and restaurants last year. Today the new vats allow them to aim for a target of 24,000 liters of kombucha by the end of the year. The order book is not empty. Alice and Julien, authentic self-taught brewers, learn to manage all the challenges of a young company in full flight.

And when he's not at the brewery, our ambassador from the Wigwam Store exercises his talents at the ocean, as a cameraman/aquatic photographer or as a simple surfer. You can come across it on the spots on the Basque coast and in winter further south ... on the side of Morocco like this winter for example.

Last December, Julien took advantage of the arrival of a big swell to spend a fortnight between Essaouira and Agadir in search of long perfect straights. The result ; a "big gavade" version of a surf trip, especially in Imsouane where the right, the usual ideal fallback spot for beginner surfers, has turned into a perfect point break with a nice two-meter series. Hours of surfing without the crowds but with a maximum of five people in the water (World Cup effect?) and a magical straight line that runs from the bottom to the edge in the bay... inevitably it's relaxing! A calm, impeccable and fluid style, Julien also has a board that is perfectly suited to this type of wave.

So we found our smiling Julien (as usual) in his brasserie in Lahonce where he made us taste his excellent verbena kombucha, served fresh and deliciously fragrant. There are unmistakable signs... if, barely a year after their launch, Alice and Julien have such a full order book, then Turbulente is a success. A clever blend of natural fermentation of teas, dried flowers or aromatic herbs, Turbulente is a "living" drink in the image of its two creators: original and surprising.

Julien is a true artist, lover of beautiful things, and his creative approach is reflected in each project he undertakes. No wonder he became our Wigwam Store / Katin Ambassador...

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